Competitive Events

Our events are at the heart of what we do. It is important to us that your experience at any event we produce is the best it can be, whether you attend as a player, a spectator or even a partner.

We spend a lot of time designing our events from the ground up. From the moment you purchase your ticket till you leave after the final game, every aspect is carefully planned with you in mind.

We don't rely on heavily subsidized advertising during streamed events, so you'll never end up sitting for hours on end watching a loop of adverts if any technical issues present themselves. Programming is planned with the viewers, spectators and players in mind.

Introducing Wireless Listen-Ins, exclusive to UGC events.

We've been hard at work trying to figure out what the eSports world needs to develop the spectator experience. So, we came up with something that changes what it is like to be watching an event from the stands.

The spectator who watches from the comfort of their own home has always had the ability to listen-in to the conversations of the gamers at the discretion of the casters. Now you will have the control of what you hear, whilst in the stands, at your fingertips.

While gameplay audio and caster commentary are available to everyone in the venue, with the new UGC Wireless Listen-in system, spectators have the option to hear exactly what the teams and players are saying during matches. This is a unique and immersive experience that most events lack, and we feel it's an ideal way to get you closer to the pros, and the action.

Each headset offers multiple channels so you can choose exactly what you want to hear during an event, selectable individually on each headset. Choose from listening to only the casters, gameplay or just your favorite teams.

Outside of gameplay you'll be able to listen to commentary from the casters or music. As a spectator, you have complete control.

Custom Player Stations

Our console gaming stations are precision planned and designed to optimize space and provide the best possible experience.

We spend countless hours researching, testing and build our stations from the ground up. Because of the modular approach we've taken, the stations are entirely scalable and will be iterated regularly between seasons, improving from event to event.

Our stations have a uniquely small footprint, optimizing floor-space and maximizing comfort for players.

You won't find loose cables hanging all over the place, or struggle to find your station when getting ready for your next game. Each station is clearly number and illuminated, and we build-in common accessories for your convenience.