We're happy to announce the details of the UGC Halo 2 Classic 10K tournament on Xbox One!

Event Overview

The anniversary tournament will be for Halo 2 4v4 on the Xbox One, held from the 2nd – 4th of January, 2015 in St. Louis, Missouri at the Airport Hilton with a guaranteed prize pool of $10,000.

Pre-registration is $20 and is open to all. Only teams who pre-register are eligible for the initial $220 team passes, with the pre-registration fee of $20 acting as a deposit on the team pass. This allows players time to secure a team before having to spend the full amount for a team pass.

Pre-registration is limited to 64 teams. Full team passes will go on sale once the initial 64 pre-registration slots have been filled. The $200 passes will then only be available to teams that have pre-registered.

We will open up more spaces for the tournament if there is a demand for it.

Game types will be announced closer to the event and details will be added here regularly!

Event Passes

Team passes are only available to pre-registrants and are on sale right now; these will be exclusively available for a period of 8 weeks. As of now, the $20 pre-registration fee is only refundable for the first 4 weeks of this period, at which point these will not be refundable.

If pre-registrants haven't purchased their team passes by the 8th of September, they will be released for public sale along with any other other unsold team passes.

The team pass covers a full team of 4 players for the duration of the event (3 days), including the FFA which is due to be held on the Friday. If your team has a coach, they will need to purchase a spectator pass separately, these will be available at a later date at $20 for the whole event.

Team passes are not refundable unless the event is cancelled, however they can be transferred at any time up until a week before the event.

In summary:

  1. Team passes will be exclusively on sale for 8 weeks at $200 each
  2. During the first 4 weeks, you have the option of requesting a refund on the $20 deposit
  3. After the first 4 weeks have passed, the $20 deposit is not refundable
  4. After 8 weeks, any unsold team passes will go on public sale for the full price of $220 until the 64 team quota has been reached
Event Details

Event Date: 2 - 4 January, 2015

Total Prizepool: $10,000

Team Pass: $220 each (First 64 team passes)

Event Venue

Hilton St. Louis Airport
10330 Natural Bridge Road
St. Louis, MO 63134
United States

We have arranged for rooms to be available at the venue for $75 per night and are reservable up to the 5th of December. Please quote "UGC", "Ultimate Gaming Championship" or "UGC Event" when booking rooms for the special block rate.

Book hotel here

Event timings are estimates and will be confirmed on 2nd Dec.


Friday 2nd January, 2015

2.00 PM – Registration Opens
3.00 PM – Venue opens for Free-play
3.30 PM – Steam Live
4.00 PM – FFA Starts
10.30 PM – Venue Closes


Saturday 3rd January, 2015

9.30 AM – Registration and Venue open for Free-play
10.00 AM – Stream Live
10.30 AM – Bracket Starts
11.45 PM – Gameplay finishes for the day
Midnight – Venue Closes


Saturday 3rd January, 2015

9.30 AM – Registration and Venue open for Free-play
10.00 AM – Stream Live
10.30 AM – Bracket Continues
5.30 PM – Grand Finals
7.00 PM – Stream Ends
8.00 PM - Venue Closes

This is the current list of confirmed teams with rosters.

Seed Team Name Players
Second Nature Goatsi, Trigga, ,
Killn Iz Biznis KiB Salutcus, KiB Strid3n, KiB Karate, KiB Bounty
IdeaL Wild Cherry, ZyFe, Echo, KillZone
All The Above SMK Prod1gy, SlimReaperb23, ,
Benefit of the Doubt dudeman27, EnragedPorpoise, Not Filled, Not Filled
Ambition Messey, Sgod, McMilich, Splitrain
MindGamez D 2the PRO, Lobster021, a Jibs, xXxplicit
Alabama Manatees Simsbad, Enforrcer, PuhIeez, Bovice
MY LiL Pwnies Icychiller, Famous, Blessed Murder, Viva La Carnage
Fire Breathing Kittens Travcon, BloatedKitten, Cebum, Kirby
Third Round Dreams Syndacut, Diamond, Flinchy, West
Unspoken Depthcharge, Mushy Mushr00m, ZuluSkater, Derp

All rules, gametypes and maps will be announced after Nov 11th when The Master Chief Collection has launched.

Event Passes

  • Halo 2 10K Team Pass (Pre-reg)

  • Halo 2 10K Team Pass

  • Halo 2 10K Day Pass

  • Halo 2 10K Spectator Pass

  • Halo 2 10K VIP Pass