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We're thrilled to announce the details of the first Diamond HCS Halo 2 Anniversary LAN tournament on Xbox One!

The event is being hosted by UGC in St. Louis over the first weekend of 2015, from the 2nd to the 4th of January. The prize pool is a guaranteed $20,000!

Event Overview

The #UGC20K LAN tournament will take place at the Airport Hilton Hotel in St. Louis, MO. The event is open to all participants over the age of 16 (a consent form is required for those under 18).

Pre-registration is now closed. Only teams who pre-register are eligible for the initial $220 team passes, with the pre-registration fee of $20 acting as a deposit on the team pass. This allows players time to secure a team before having to spend the full amount for a team pass.

Pre-registration is limited to 64 teams. Full team passes will go on sale once the initial 64 pre-registration slots have been filled. The $200 passes will then only be available to teams that have pre-registered.

Game types and settings are available here.

Event Passes

Team passes are only available to the first 64 teams that purchase them, on a first-come, first-serve basis. The event is capped at 64 teams, so once passes are sold out - they're gone.

The team pass covers a full team of 4 players for the duration of the event (3 days), including the FFA which is due to be held on the Friday. If your team has a coach, they will need to purchase a spectator pass separately, which is available below.

Team passes are not refundable unless the event is cancelled, however they can be transferred at any time up until a week before the event.

HCS Points

The #UGC20K is an offical Halo Championship Series (HCS) Diamond event. This means players are eligible for the the maximum amount of points awarded at an HCS LAN Tournament.

The HCS point breakdown is as follows:

1st - 4000 points
2nd - 2500 points
3rd - 1800 points
4th - 1200 points
5th - 600 points
6th - 550 points
7th - 400 points
8th - 350 points
9th - 16th - 200 points
17th - 32nd - 100 points

Event Details

Event Date: 2 - 4 January, 2015

Total Prizepool: $20,000

Team Pass: $220 each
Player Day Pass: $10 each
Spectator Pass: $20 each

Event Casters
Event Venue

Hilton St. Louis Airport
10330 Natural Bridge Road
St. Louis, MO 63134
United States

We have arranged for rooms to be available at the venue for $75 per night and are reservable up to the 12th of December. Please quote "UGC", "Ultimate Gaming Championship" or "UGC Event" when booking rooms for the special block rate.

Book hotel here

Event timings are estimates and will be confirmed on 2nd Dec.

Friday 2nd January, 2015

2.00 PM – Registration Opens
3.00 PM – Venue opens for Free-play
3.30 PM – Steam Live
4.00 PM – FFA Starts
10.30 PM – Venue Closes

Saturday 3rd January, 2015

9.30 AM – Registration and Venue open for Free-play
10.00 AM – Stream Live
10.30 AM – Bracket Starts
11.45 PM – Gameplay finishes for the day
Midnight – Venue Closes

Sunday 4th January, 2015

9.30 AM – Registration and Venue open for Free-play
10.00 AM – Stream Live
10.30 AM – Bracket Continues
5.30 PM – Grand Finals
7.00 PM – Stream Ends
8.00 PM - Venue Closes

This is the current list of confirmed teams with rosters.

Teams will be seeded based on a combination of HCS and FFA points. HCS points are earned by teams from all official tournaments, both online and on LAN, and these are worth the most.

For this event, any teams that don't currently hold HCS points will have the opportunity to seed by FFA points based on player placings. Teams that do currently hold HCS points will have their FFA points added onto their HCS points. If your entire team cannot attend the FFA, your team will still receive a seed based on the rest of the players' results.

Seedings will be updated after the FFA.

Seed Team Name Players HCS Points
Insights Depthcharge, Mushy Mushr00m, pr0phet elijah, ahDERPer -
Third Round Dreams Syndacut, Diamond, Flinchy, West -
MY LiL Pwnies Icychiller, Famous, Blessed Murder, Viva La Carnage -
Buttercream Gang Simsbad, Wes FX, PuhIeez, Bovice -
Intrinsic Young Jibbz, InT Dpro, IDABGLass314, DoughDe -
Ambition Messey, Sgod, McMilich, Pacanothabul -
Benefit of the Doubt dudeman27, EnragedPorpoise, wrestler171 , PandaSquadAlpha -
All The Above SMK Prod1gy, SlimReaperb23, Gang Starr 1007, xPur3Thisx -
Killn Iz Biznis KiB Salutcus, KiB Strid3n, KiB Karate, KiB Bounty -
Second Nature Goatsi, Trigga, , -
Strive For Excellence SFE Journey, SFE Resolve, SFE Encounter, SFE Ambition -
Malistic Slider, Klepto, gdlkGameBoy, -
Reported TripChee, Dingo, Snyderman, Spokey -
Aftermath Nqtive, Empty Spa e, zWeiks, -
Reality Check SUDDOTH 1, SUDDOTH 2, , -
SubZero Gaming Chizzypoobear, Chillwil, Wilchill, Mayne 217 -
Hot Fire FloppiE, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan -
CoreGamingStL cG vFoX, xi Gundy ix, ApennyNquarter, XxGodfire66xX -
Vanquish Gaming vG AsPhAlt, vG YehTy, vG Johnny Xbox, vG VENOM -
Killing Your Dreams faithful shad0w, , , -
MindsGames MG SideSwipe, Mr Skilltron, Mr Gamer, Obiwan ShiKobe -
The George 4men big baller 3888, slim legend, chuckles2, poke meow -
The Agency Ninja PGL, SlayersHysteria, Victory Is Back, This is Fis -
Essence Queen x3, BiiTTERSWEET, xo Damage, OMG Golden Girl -
warFare Gaming Schlaygs, My Tails, Reality wF, Shinigami -
Reclaimers Bunniesz23, Ryoichio, ImPrO92, Hinashou -
Crusade Impulsion, Zursky, Relyvant, Double A -
EVL Gaming Thrust, Zoo Wuu, Ghetto, Fearris -
old School ownage On3 K, oSo MiLe Hi, t4inted fate , Quinny -
Villains ColdEra, Burst, , Eightbit -
ReLaPse XxDaMan04xX, Clappage, Dre Killa, Stravvberryy -
eLevate Gabriel, MuNoZ, Shaffer, Spartan -
CLG Heinz, Ogre 2, Snakebite, Royal 2 -
Second to None Arya, Going Camando, Holy Jumpn, Ya Got Lucky -
We Need Rockets DarkReaper, DoctorGrady, JayBird, AggressiveK -
Zeroed In Tvirus 0, Dbowz 0, Wyrm 0, M3erk 0 -
Flatline Rehab Freak, A Poor Man, aShadyHaloKid, Omnified -
Powerhouse RaiIgun, Vaporouz, , -
Trap Stars BertTheBigHurt, Dewbron, Bullet, Drewsky -
Vindicated Sterling 47Ag, Brother Doors, MoNoXiDe Died, ANZlO -
Str8 Rippin Naded, Tsquared, Str8 Sick, Prototype -
Delirium Stork Loves You, Digitvl, checkster12, -
End Result DARKscorpion , MaD-MaX, Krizen, Burton -
The New Guys Fieend, tRenrew, Painterrr, PopLockNBrocket -
Cypher FootedPanda, Lp Relentless, Nash Barrels, Huntum -
Quit the Build Swell, , , -
Designed to Kill InStiiNcT, NigH4tMaRe, GymRat Ali, timesknightt -
XiT Woundz Rippon HCE, Ix N1ghtFuRy xI, Frosty Frakes, Xoilx -
True Ambition Esports BobettaFetta, XBL Hidden, McBabycakes, Terminal Abyss -
Balance Power, Wise, , -
Deadicated HalfBlackKid Tx, Insani7y TC, XpullzioN, Z iNtensiTy -
No Limits Cable Guy is IL, Assi5tisil, Hahn is IL, T Madone -
Blue Team Lojepi, BM Tradition, Godfistt, The SKIZness -
VanQuish Psyril, Stormy, UnLegit, Swift Kill -
Radiance G1VEN, Axis Alive, Too Casual, V t3ct9 -
Dirty Basement Kids Rabiiid, , , -
Sparkle Motion Hobbes, Gammage, , -
Legion Gaming CorvusCovax, Lord_Jibblez, zarky117, , -
Don’t Trip Dr Hayze MD, TT Squall3, Mentalityy TLC, Prettyboy krown -
Excessive Force NacSquared, iKnuck1es, Crick Boofs, Zephix gg -
Heated FPStillmatic, Panda Pierce, StuPidKcirp, NaxStY -
OpTic Gaming OpTic BEARD FS, lx ace xl, Assault x2, Aries cAries -
Skys The Limit Mmick, Fantasy Wins, The R3iGN, Ahfinity is God -
WithoutWarning ProjectxPatty, KonFLicTioN, TwiTchAy, Sloots Fours -
Enemy eSports Thing 1, AraeSs, AnT, Franbew -


The #UGC20K FFA Map is UGC Battleground. This map has been specially Forged by SaLoT for the event, and it has been approved for FFA at the event by 343.

You can download the FFA map by adding "UGC Events" to your Xbox One friends list. You should see this gamertag appear on your roster within Halo MCC soon after. Just press A on the gamertag, and head over to file share to download the map.

The settings are 15 minute rounds with no kill limit.


The event is HCS Sanctioned and therefore it will follow the settings of the HCS. 

You can download the official HCS game types by adding "Official HCS" to your Xbox One friends list. You should see this gamertag appear on your roster within Halo: The Master Chief Collection soon after. Just press A on the gamertag, and head over to file share to download the maps.

The settings for the event are as follows:

Team Slayer


Capture the Flag

Shrine (3 Flag)
Warlord (5 Flag)

King of the Hill


Neutral Bomb Assault

Shrine (3 Bomb)
Warlord (5 Bomb)

Global gametype settings

Primary Weapon: Battle Rifle
Secondary Weapon: None
Motion sensor: Off
Death Cam: Off
Map loadouts: Off
Weapons on Map: Default

Team Slayer settings

Time limit: 15 minutes
Score to win: 50

3 Flag CTF settings

Score to win: 3
Time limit: 30 minutes
Flag at home to score: No
Flag return: Disabled
Flag reset time: 15 seconds

5 Flag CTF Classic settings

Score to win: 5
Time limit: 30 minutes
Flag at home to score: Yes
Flag return: Instant
Flag reset time: 15 seconds

Team Crazy King

Score to win: 250 seconds
Time limit: 12 minutes
Hill movement: Progressive
Hill duration: 1 minute

Neutral Bomb Assault (3 Bomb)

Score to win: 3
Time limit: 30 minutes
Bomb Arm time: 5 seconds
Bomb Fuse Time: 3 seconds
Bomb reset: 30

Neutral Bomb Assault (5 Bomb)

Score to win: 5
Time limit: 30 minutes
Bomb Arm time: 5 seconds
Bomb Fuse Time: 3 seconds
Bomb reset: 30

All players and coaches attending and/or participating in the event are required sign and bring along the code of conduct. You will not be allowed to enter the venue without providing a signed copy of the code of conduct. If you are do not bring your copy, one will be provided for you, to be signed before you are granted entry into the venue.

If you are under the age of 18 you are also required to download and fill out the parental consent form along with your legal guardian. You will not be able to participate if this document is not presented at the event.

  Code of Conduct Download (Available soon)

  Parental Consent Form Download

Event Rules

Rules will be announced shortly.

Event Passes

  • H2A 20K Final 16 Team Pass

  • Halo 2 20K Team Pass

  • Halo 2 20K Day Pass

  • Halo 2 20K Spectator Pass

  • Halo 2 20K VIP Pass

  • Halo 2 20K FFA Pass